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Ukraine: How to create partnerships with the public

January 25, 2017

Experts from the EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) and the Czech Police started a four-day training session in crowd-management techniques for police officers from the National Police of Ukraine in Odesa on 24 January. This is an effective tool for preventing violence during large public gatherings.
The participants will learn how to set up anti-conflict teams within the police, the psychology of crowds and will examine case studies in crowd management.
“Making a success of dialogue policing is in everyone’s interest, and is also part of efforts to build public trust in the police and remind people that police officers are there to protect the rights of citizens,” said Udo Möller, EUAM Head of Operations.
“If an effective relationship is built with the public, then organisers of events or demonstrations become willing to help identify potential sources of violence. Creating a partnership with the public is what successful police forces in democracies set out to do.”
Dialogue policing training has already been delivered by EUAM and the Czech Police in Kharkiv and Lviv, with further trainings planned in Dnipro and Khmelnitsky.
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