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Meeting the energy challenge: EU cooperation with its Eastern Neighbours

December 17, 2013

In the wake of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Summit in Vilnius last month, the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre has released a press pack to highlight cooperation between the EU and its Eastern Neighbours in the field of energy, one of the key priorities of Partnership.
The press pack takes stock of the latest developments in the EU’s energy cooperation with its Eastern neighbours, outlining the new initiatives, instruments and areas of cooperation such as the Covenant of Mayors,  the  Energy Community  and the  Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership. It also features an overview of the INOGATE programme which has been a trailblazer for energy co-operation in this region, with links to project fiches and websites.
Press pack - Meeting the energy challenge: EU cooperation with its Eastern Neighbours(December 2013): fully updated background material highlighting cooperation in the field of energy, including main policy lines, examples and links for further information. Available in English and Russian.
Other resources related to energy cooperation are also available on the Info Centre’s website including an energy portal and a series of features and publications:
Video (2013) - a three-minute video Energy cooperation with Eastern Neighbours” 

Photo story (2013) - Cutting down on energy costs? Yes, you can!   (Moldova)

Photo gallery (2013): images from across the Neighbourhood highlighting EU cooperation projects which assist partner countries in modernizing their energy sector. High-resolution pictures available for download   here.
Feature stories – a series of features showing how EU projects work on the ground to make energy in the Eastern Neighbourhood safer and more reliable 
Video (2012) - Energy cooperation with Eastern Neighbours - ENPI video series
Energy webpage: the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre’s Energy portal bringing together all the news and material on EU Neighbourhood cooperation in the field of energy.
Quotes: browse key quoteson energy issues by top EU officials, projects and beneficiaries on the ground.

Documents: find the main policy documents as well as reports and studies on energy and the Neighbourhood in our EU Neighbourhood Library.  (EU Neighbourhood Info) 



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