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Further biomass equipment to be installed in Moldova

January 19, 2017

The EU-funded Energy and Biomass Project has presented its plans to install 49 new biomass heating systems in 2017. The plans were announced at the Moldovan Ministry of Economy on 17 January, and will build upon previous work connecting hundreds of thousands of people to safe energy.


The new biomass heating systems will include 20 new solar collectors, with 27 kindergartens equipped with solar water heaters that will operate in conjunction with the biomass heating systems. In addition, 34 schools and kindergartens will be equipped with tractors for bale transportation and to help with loading the system’s boiler.


The Energy and Biomass Project laid the foundation for bioenergy sector development in the Republic of Moldova. The project has so far succeeded in connecting more than 190 schools, kindergartens, community centres and hospitals to biomass heating systems, ensuring access for over 140,000 people to safe energy produced inside the country.


The Energy and Biomass Project will also launch a system for remote monitoring of the biomass heating plants. This year, the Training Centre for Biomass Boilers Operators will start the provision of training courses in the districts of Rezina and Cimislia, selected as pilot-sites for biofuel production from vegetable waste.


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