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EU welcomes investigation into reported abduction and illegal detention of Azerbaijani nationals

June 6, 2017

On 4 June the EU issued a statement on the reported abduction and illegal detention of Azerbaijani nationals residing in Georgia. The EU has welcomed the launch of an investigation in Georgia, as announced by the country’s leadership.

“The alleged abduction and illegal arbitrary detention of Azerbaijani nationals, including human rights defenders, residing in Georgia, followed by their arrest and prosecution in Azerbaijan demands swift, thorough and transparent investigation,” the statement said.

The EU called on Azerbaijan to urgently review “any and all cases of incarceration related to the exercise of fundamental rights, including the freedom of expression”, and to immediately release all of those concerned, in line with Azerbaijan's international commitments.

The EU also said it expects the due process of law, as well as the civil and political rights of citizens residing legally in other states, to be respected.

The statement concluding by providing a reminder that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states that "No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile".

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