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EU video reveals disinformation tactics

July 18, 2016

The EU’s diplomatic service developed an animation video that shows three disinformation tactics widely used by pro-Kremlin media. The entertaining video offers "disinformation recipes" on how to twist information, make it look trustworthy, reinforce the message and sell it to the audience under the right sauce at the right time. It also shows ways of recycling and re-selling old information to support new myths and reinforce the audience’s trust in disinformation. 
The video was produced by the EU External Action Service’s  East StratCom Task Force that has been countering disinformation in Europe and beyond since September last year. Twice a week, the team publishes and distributes a series of newsletters - the Disinformation Digest and the Disinformation Review - which analyse how pro-Kremlin media see the world and what independent Russian voices say. Since recently, the team has also been distributing its findings on a facebook page entitled "EU vs Disinformation". (EU Neighbourhood Info)
Video on the EU vs Disinformation page on Facebook
Disinformation newsletters on the EEAS page:
In English:
In Russian:
For more details about the East StratCom Task Force, consult the Questions and Answers

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