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EU officials visit South Caucasus to promote peace, security and trade

May 23, 2017

A Foreign Affairs Committee delegation from the European Parliament will travel to Azerbaijan on 22 May, Georgia on 23 May and Armenia on 25 May to meet Presidents, Speakers and Parliamentarians, as well as opposition parties and civil society representatives. Members of the European Parliament will discuss a new EU-Armenia agreement, the advancement of negotiations on a new EU-Azerbaijan agreement and the deepening of EU-Georgia relations.

"My colleagues and I are very much looking forward to our visit to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia next week. This is a region of great importance for the European Union and a major counterpart to our Eastern Partnership policy,” said Chair of the delegation David McAllister. “We share many interests, notably in terms of promoting peace, security and trade, and we also seek to uphold our values – especially democracy, rule of law, good governance, human rights and fundamental freedoms – as we seek to further deepen our partnerships."

The EU is currently reshaping its relationship with Armenia and Azerbaijan through new agreements. In Armenia’s case, the negotiations have just ended, while the negotiations for a new agreement with Azerbaijan have just begun. The visit of the delegation will feed into the European Parliament’s report and recommendations on these agreements later this year.

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