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EU and Ukraine establish partnership on Earth observation

May 29, 2018

On 25 May, the European Commission and the State Space Agency of Ukraine signed a Cooperation Agreement that establishes a partnership on Earth observation.

The document was signed as part of the European Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership. It will allow Ukraine to benefit from the EU’s Copernicus Earth observation and monitoring programme. The programme benefits land, marine and atmosphere monitoring and provides support in the forecasting, management and mitigation of natural disasters.

The European Commission and the State Space Agency of Ukraine aim to develop cooperative activities to strengthen and stimulate cooperation on Earth observation data, applications and services to foster an active downstream sector.

Under this Cooperation Arrangement, the State Space Agency of Ukraine also intends to provide the Copernicus programme with free, full and open access to data from its Earth observation satellites.

Ukrainian citizens, academics, researchers and private sector will be provided with free, full and open access to data from the family of Copernicus Sentinel satellites using high bandwidth connections from data hub to data hub.

Each side will fund their own activities and adhere to the principle of ‘no exchange of funds’ with respect to this Cooperation Arrangement.

Copernicus is the world’s most ambitious and successful Earth observation programme. It already helps save lives at sea and during the response to natural disasters such as earthquakes, forest fires or floods. It allows farmers to better manage their crops, and decision makers to better understand and mitigate climate change. It collects data from Earth observation satellites and ground stations, and both airborne and seaborne sensors.

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