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Eastern Partnership youth unit launches first of youth policy webinars

April 9, 2014

The EU-funded Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit (EPYRU) has launched the first in its series of webinars – interactive internet-based policy discussions amongst experts – with a discussion amongst Armenian stakeholders this week on evidence- and knowledge-based youth policy.
Participants included representatives of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, the National Statistics Office, researchers, NGOs and analysts. The discussion was moderated by an expert from the EPYRU.
A series of webinars covering all Eastern Partnership countries and dealing with a range of issues will follow in the coming months.
The webinar sessions are targeted at discussing needs in the youth field in the Eastern Partnership countries, and building cooperation among the main national stakeholders in the field and key actors in the government youth policy-making process.
The EPYRU aims to support the development of youth policy in the Eastern Partnership countries, on both a national and regional basis, specifically in the areas of evidence-based research, integrated approaches by government, and dialogue between government and civil society. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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