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EaP Civil Society Forum calls for talks between Belarusian Government and country’s civil society

February 26, 2016

The Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) calls on Belarusian authorities to initiate talks with representatives of the Belarusian National Platform. The discussion, according to the EaP CSF, should focus on the establishment of a Belarusian Council of National Dialogue, which would bring the authorities together with independent actors of Belarusian society.
“Such a Council would allow the authorities to develop a plan of reforms ahead of parliamentary elections in the autumn of 2016 working together with independent actors on the basis of consensus and in a spirit of compromise. It would also provide a tangible proof of the political will of both sides to bring about meaningful change and to improve relations between the Republic of Belarus and the EU”, reads the EaP CSF statement.
The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum was established after the Prague Eastern Partnership Summit of 2009. The aim of the Forum is to promote contacts among civil society organisations of the Eastern Partnership and facilitate dialogue with public authorities. It also serves as a platform for sharing information and experience on the partner countries' paths towards transition, reform and modernisation.(EU Neighbourhood Info)
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