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Belarus implementing “green” system for oil recycling

June 6, 2017

A complex system of used engine oil collection and recycling has been created in the Barysaŭ and Kpupki districts of the Minsk region. Local enterprises and residents will be able to contribute to this green waste processing system, which has been implemented as part of the EU-funded "Supporting the Transition to a “green” economy in the Republic of Belarus" project. Successful implementation of the pilot initiative will enable recycling of used engine oils, avoid soil contamination and oil burning and reduce environmental pollution.

50 containers for oil collection have been purchased and installed. The special five-section tank for their safe transportation allows oils to be sorted at the collection stage. The number of installed containers will rise to 70 in the near future.

The green containers have already appeared at 50 partner enterprises in the Barysaŭ and Kpupki districts. Local residents can also go to these processing enterprises to dispose of used oils.

The experiences of European countries were taken as a template for the development of the new system, which allows 10 tons of waste oils to be collected and processed each quarter. The collected oils are already being used in the production of wall panels, anti-tracing agents for potassium transportation and bicycle lubricants.

The project "Supporting the Transition to a “green” economy in the Republic of Belarus" aims at supporting green economic growth, including environmentally sustainable and economically feasible use of natural resources, promotion of green production and green consumption patterns, green job creation and changing the behaviour of target groups towards greater environmental sustainability. The budget of the project is EUR 5 million.

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