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Belarus: “Faces of EU projects” photo exhibition kicks off in Maladziečna

May 30, 2017

On 23 May, Maladziečna opened the third “Faces of EU Projects” photo exhibition. The open-air exhibition presented 29 EU-funded projects covering important environmental, economic and social issues. Through the exhibition, the project’s beneficiaries and activists told their stories about subjects such as environmental protection, introduction of green technologies, aid to children, promotion of the European approach to education and preservation of historical heritage.

The front side of the stand presented the people behind the stories, with the other side featuring infographics describing the projects’ timeframes, sites and outcomes. Among the stars of the exhibition were volunteers, NGO representatives, researchers, teachers and farmers.

The visitors of the opening event could also learn about the people involved and the coordinators of several projects implemented in Belarus, including “Requirement for Efficient Management of the Utility Sector”, “Valožyn Without Barriers: Reinforcement of Capacity for Provision of Social and Recreational Services for Persons with Disabilities in Valožyn District” and the “Programme for Prevention, Preparedness and Response to Natural and Man-made Disasters in Eastern Partnership Countries (PPRD East 2)”.

This year the exhibition will be presented in Orša, Horki, Rečyca, Svietlahorsk, Žlobin, Salihorsk, Niasviž, Kobryn and Baranavičy.

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