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European Union advances Belarus-Ukraine Territorial Cooperation

October 23, 2013

The opportunities and benefits of territorial cooperation between Belarus and Ukraine for public and civil society organizations in both countries will be the main topic of a Regional Conference on 14 November in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, organized by the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Support Programme (EaPTC Support Programme).

The conference Advancing Territorial Cooperation in Eastern Partnership Countries: Belarus – Ukraine Territorial Cooperation Programme will bring together senior government officials, representatives of the regional and local authorities, civil society organisations from Belarus and Ukraine, as well as European experts.

Agenda of the conference includes the following key issues:

  • Presenting the EaPTC strategy;
  • Boosting local development and opportunities of Territorial Cooperation Programme from the perspective of regional authorities and civil society in Ukraine and Belarus;
  • Reviewing local social and economic development needs and specificities of the participating border regions of Ukraine and Belarus;
  • Strengthening cross border contacts between local authorities, communities and civil society organisations to identify joint solutions to common challenges on the both sides of the border;
  • Fostering people-to-people contacts in the field of education, culture and sport in the participating regions of Ukraine and Belarus.

The Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme (EaPTC) aims to promote and strengthen cross-border cooperation between regional and local state authorities, communities and civil society organisations over developing joint solutions to common social and economic development challenges in the participating border regions

The registration for the Conference is closed

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