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EaPTC helps future grantees from Moldova and Ukraine to generate project ideas

January 29, 2014

This February and March the EaPTC Support Programme team starts delivering the training modules “Project idea generation” and “Initial partner generation” to the potential beneficiaries of the Moldova-Ukraine Territorial Cooperation Programme. These modules have been designed as one single training programme to be held on both sides of the border.

The series of seminars will be organised from the 5th until the 14th of February, 2014 in Chisinau, Comrat and Balti (Moldova) and from the 20th of February until 5th of March in Chernivtsi, Vinnytsya and Odessa (Ukraine).

The EaPTC Experts will assist participants in generation of the successful project ideas for future call for proposals to be tentatively announced in July 2014. The representatives of state and non-state sectors will take part in seminars.

The scope of this module is to assist potential state and non-state beneficiaries from the whole territory of Moldova and from the Ukrainian regions of Chernivtsi, Vynnitsya (the eligible regions of the Moldova‐Ukraine Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme):

1. To discover the realities and priorities in neighbouring regions in order to better identify similarities and common areas for action.

2. To provide an apt space for beneficiaries from both sides of the border to meet each other, discuss, and start the process of identifying potential partners.

3. To start generating the first drafts of project ideas and partnerships to be developed in the framework of the Moldova‐Ukraine Territorial Cooperation Programme.

These seminars are the part of EaPTC Capacity Building Programme consisting of 10 modules targeted to the development of project proposal from the idea generation stage until the proposal submitting.

For additional information please contact Lorenzo Nava, EaPTC Capacity Building Expert, by e-mail:

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