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INOGATE: Energy stories that speak to citizens

April 5, 2016

Raising awareness about energy issues among members of the public was one of the main goals of the EU-funded regional energy cooperation programme INOGATE, which is ending in April 2016. To reflect the results of its work, the programme’s communication team has created a series of seven stories engaging citizens of the EU and the Eastern Partnership (EaP).
The stories illustrate successful interventions by INOGATE in crucial energy-related areas. Each features reflections from citizens who understand basic concepts of energy and its complexity and explain what benefits energy sector reforms can bring. The seven stories can be found on the INOGATE website:
1.         Saving energy at home - a ‘how to’ centre for sustainable energy
2.         Phasing out subsidies in energy tariffs: why it’s necessary
3.         Saving on your energy bills by making better buying choices
4.         Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency
5.         Energy statistics you can trust
6.         An end to electricity supply frustrations
7.         Turning waste into energy
INOGATE is one of the longest running energy technical assistance programmes funded by the European Union. It cooperates with 11 partner countries in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia to support a reduction in their dependency on fossil fuels and imports, improve the security of their energy supply and mitigate overall climate change. All countries of the Eastern Partnership are part of the programme. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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