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EU helping Georgia with safer food standards

October 19, 2016

With EU support, greater protection is being offered to Georgian consumers, with the adoption of European levels of food safety, animal health and plant protection standards. In its latest feature story highlighting the impact of EU cooperation with its Eastern Partners, the EU Neighbours East project travelled to the village of Uraveli, 220km southeast of the Georgian capital Tbilisi, an area famous for its cattle, to visit a dairy processing plant, which is implementing new food safety standards in its production.


The dairy plant benefited from advice under the EU-funded Comprehensive Institution Building (CIB) Support Programme, which has played a leading role in capacity building and development for Georgia’s National Food Agency, including though trainings and exchange programmes, cooperation with counterpart EU institutions, technical assistance, and funding in updating field equipment for food safety specialists.


As Mikheil Dolaberidze, Project Manager of the CIB Support Programme to the National Food Agency, explains, the aim “is to protect Georgian consumers by helping to develop, introduce and implement European level food safety, animal health and plant protection standards in Georgia.” (EU Neighbours East Info)


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