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Eastern Partnership Minorities Network helps Georgian minority groups

July 8, 2015

Public Information campaigns on the Eastern Partnership are being implemented in Georgian minority populated regions, as a part of the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Minorities Network (EaPMN).


Four sub-granted trainings are targeting the ethnic Udi community in Zinobiani village, as well as ethnic Azerbaijani communities, and other ethnic minorities.


At the same time, three public information campaigns are being held, with the aim to increase the level of education, engagement and confidence-building of ethnic minorities living in Georgia, on the following:

1) partnership programme;

2) processes of cooperation between Georgia and the EU;

3) importance of minority rights within the Eastern Partnership;

4) promotion of public dialogue;

5) increased civil responsibility of ethnic minorities towards decision-making process for institutional development of the country.


The 3-year EaPMN programme (launched by Minority Rights Group Europe (MRG) - a Budapest-based human rights organization) aims to build the capacity of minority organisations in the region so that they can effectively advocate minority rights at national and European level, notably within the Eastern Partnership. As a result of the programme, minority communities in the region will be more involved in shaping reforms and influencing the decision-making process, the press release said, adding: “In the long run, the cooperation will result in minority-informed policy development and implementation in the EaP countries.” (EU Neighbourhood Info)


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