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Ukraine: Sustainable Energy Days take place in Voznesensk

November 6, 2017

The Sustainable Energy Days in autumn are already a tradition for the residents of the Ukrainian city of Voznesensk. This year the Energy Days started with a visit of a group of children to a solar power plant.

The 30 Mw solar power plant occupies a territory of 60 ha, equivalent to 96 football fields. As part of the visit, the children were served tea which had been prepared using solar energy. The visit clearly had an impact on the children, as many of them asked the engineers at the power plant where they have to study in order to be able to work at the plant in the future.

The Sustainable Energy Days are taking place from 3 to 11 November and include educational campaigns, games for schoolchildren, as well as visits to renewable energy power plants. They have been organised as part of Voznesensk’s participation in the EU programme “Covenant of Mayors — Demonstration Projects” (CoM-DeP). The programme primarily aims at reducing the energy consumption of the two most energy-consuming departments of Voznesensk central district hospital — the polyclinic and paediatric department. In addition, an energy efficiency resource centre has been opened in the city with the support of the project.

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Sustainable Energy Days in Voznesensk


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