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Ukraine: EU experts assist with border delimitation and demarcation

April 13, 2016

Ukrainian officials will meet with EU experts between 18 and 22 April to discuss possible amendments to Ukraine’s legislation to ensure compliance with EU law and practice on border delimitation and demarcation. The five-day event is organised in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv by the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument of the European Commission (TAIEX) in cooperation with the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.
The EU experts will provide guidance to representatives from Ukrainian state agencies dealing with geodesy, cartography and cadaster, with  regional development, building and housing, as well as transborder issues, on the technology available to support border delineation, the type of equipment that would be required to undertake physical demarcation, as well as the cross-border cooperation and administrative issues that will need to be addressed prior to and during the delineation and demarcation of borders. The Ukrainian experts will present an overview of the situation on Ukraine’s state borders with Belarus, Moldova, Poland and Russia.
TAIEX is a demand-driven tool that supports partner countries with the approximation of national laws, regulations and quality standards to those of EU Member States in the framework of Cooperation or Association agreements signed with the EU. TAIEX Assistance is given through expert missions, workshops or seminars and study visits. In the Eastern Neighbourhood, TAIEX works with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. In 2016, TAIEX celebrates its 10 years of engagement with the EU Neighbourhood countries. (EU Neighbourhood Info)
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