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Success story: How a Moldovan company has boosted production capacity with EU support

July 5, 2018

A new success story article talks about Keramo Rosso, a company that produces ceramic tiles in Taraclia, southern Moldova. With around 150 employees, the company sells tiles on the local market and also exports them to countries in Europe and beyond.

The company benefited from the credit line offered by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as part of the EU4Business initiative. With a loan of €280,000, the Moldovan tile producer managed to purchase a new press that helped boost production capacity, increasing its production by 98%.

The EU4Business-EBRD credit line was launched in Moldova in 2017. It also supports businesses in Georgia. It will soon be available for companies in Ukraine too.

Each of the three countries signed an Association Agreement with the EU, which includes the establishment of a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement. This provides businesses with new opportunities to grow, as they will have better access to the EU, the world’s largest market.

To help them make the necessary investments to modernise equipment and processes, the EBRD provides €1.1 billion in credit lines and trade finance through local partner banks.

The EU complements these funds with €58.3 million to identify and verify the relevant improvements and train commercial partners on the new financial products.

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EU4Business-EBRD credit line

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