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Moldova: Glass producing company saves money and energy thanks to modern technology

December 4, 2018

The largest glass producer in the Republic of Moldova, Glass Container Company (GCC), has received a loan of €7.5 million through FINTECC – a joint programme of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Union – in order to improve its energy efficiency.

The company cooperates with almost all Moldovan wine producers and with international beer brands such as Efes, Stella Artois and Tuborg. Its annual production capacity is around 100 million glass bottles.

One initiative to modernise its processes was to use recycled broken glass as a key raw material in the production of glass. “Every 10% of a batch replaced by recycled broken glass leads to a net 2-3% saving in gas consumption,” says GCC Director Boris Crivoi.

Yet the biggest innovation will be the installation of narrow neck press and blow technology, which allows the manufacturer to reduce a bottle’s weight by up to 30%. “With the new technology we will consume 20 to 30% less energy,” says Crivoi.

These measures will lead to fuel savings and will help to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint in Moldova, the world’s 20th-largest wine-producing country.

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