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Join the #BackToSchool challenge to promote EU-funded opportunities

September 2, 2019

To mark the start of the academic year, the EU NEIGHBOURS east’ project is rolling out a #BackToSchool social media challenge to crowdsource childhood photos, along with a ‘dream’ that the EU has helped make come true.

The aim of the challenge is to raise awareness about the impact that various EU initiatives have on people’s lives, and to promote specific EU-funded opportunities available for citizens in the Eastern partner countries and beyond.

Here are the simple steps to joining the #BackToSchool challenge:

- Pick a childhood or school photo of yourself.

- Draft a caption that describes an achievement the EU has helped you with, which the younger you could never have dreamed of.

- Add the #BackToSchool and #EU4Youth hashtags.

- Post the picture to your own Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account (make sure your post is public), or send it to the EU NEIGHBOURS east Social Media Manager (, for posting on the project’s social media channels.

- Pass on the challenge to your friends by tagging and inviting them to join in.

The challenge will be promoted between 1 and 8 September.  The best time to post will be on 1-2 September, in order to allow for those ‘challenged’ to join in as well.

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