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EU supports new joint territorial cooperation projects in Belarus and Ukraine

December 4, 2017

The leaders and partners of 18 cross-border partnership projects from Belarus and Ukraine gathered in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv last week to take part in the ceremony of signing grant contracts in the framework of the EU-funded Belarus–Ukraine Territorial Cooperation Programme (TCP). The event marked the start of the 18 previously approved joint projects in the two countries.

The Belarus–Ukraine TCP is part of the broader Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation (EaP TC). The funding of the Belarusian–Ukrainian projects by the European Union amounts to more than €3 million.

The 18 cross-border cooperation projects are equally divided between the three TCP priorities: improving the living conditions of local communities; solving environmental problems, contributing to employment, health care and other important areas for border regions; and supporting cultural, educational and sports initiatives in both countries.

“This programme is new; it is not based on the previous experience. We are proud to be able to join efforts on both sides of the Belarusian–Ukrainian border,” said Janis Aizsalnieks from the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

Organisations participating in the call for proposals under the Belarus – Ukraine Programme were provided with consulting support from the EaP TC Managing Authorities and the EaP TC Support Programme.

The EaP TC Support Programme’s goal is to create a favourable environment for territorial cooperation programmes along the borders of Moldova and Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia, Azerbaijan and Georgia and Belarus and Ukraine, with due regard to the specifics of each border area.

It also aims to develop the capacity of state and non-state bodies of neighbouring countries to jointly develop and implement joint cross-border projects. The total contribution of the EU in the framework of the EaP TC Programme is €12.5 million.

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