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EU statement on the death of Ukrainian activist Kateryna Handzyuk

November 6, 2018

“Ukrainian activist Kateryna Handzyuk passed away yesterday as a result of an acid attack on 31 July outside her home in Kherson, Ukraine,” said the EU Spokesperson on 5 November. “Kateryna Handzyuk was a courageous and dedicated activist focusing on the fight against corruption in Ukraine. We offer our condolences to her family and friends.”

The Spokesperson said that the EU expects the Ukrainian authorities to “redouble their efforts to swiftly and thoroughly investigate this crime and to bring those behind it to justice”.

“Furthermore, we expect tangible steps to reverse the worrying trend of attacks against civil society activists and investigative journalists in Ukraine to be taken,” added the statement.

“A vibrant civil society is crucial in any democratic society, and it is of utmost importance that this is protected – in Ukraine as elsewhere,” the EU statement concluded.

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