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“EU-Moldova: Stronger Together” - Young European Ambassadors school visits come to an end

October 4, 2019

On 4 October, Young European Ambassadors (YEAS) in Moldova visited a local school in Ceadâr Lunga city, Găgăuzia, to meet local youth and share their experiences of participating in various youth programmes supported by the EU.

The visit is the last in a series of school visits by YEAs across the country between 23 September and 4 October.

The purpose of the visits, supported by the EU, is to stimulate engagement among young people through direct dialogue and people-to-people contact. YEAs shared information and experiences related to youth opportunities offered through EU-funded programmes, initiatives and projects with the Moldovan youth.   

The previous nine visits to schools were held in Sălcuța village, Căușeni district, Ungheni city, Vulcăneşti city in Gagauzia, Durleşti village in Chisinau municipality, Corlăteni village in Râşcani district, Sârcova village in Rezina district, the country’s capital of Chişinău, as well as in Străşeni and Soroca cities.

The visits covered all regions of the country, addressing mostly Romanian-speaking youth concentrated in rural areas and Russian-speaking youth in urban areas.

The visits are part of the national information campaign in the country supported by the EU and directed at youth - “EU-Moldova: Stronger together. Creating new opportunities for youth!”

The Young European Ambassadors initiative aims to foster cooperation and sustainable links between young people and youth organisations from the EU and its Eastern partner countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The YEAs are the driving force of the “Young European Neighbours” network, an online platform facilitating the mutual exchange of ideas and information on the EU, as well as the engagement of young people in informative activities.

The network is focused on dialogue-driven activities that contribute to a greater awareness and improved perception of the EU, and the enhanced assessment of its relations with the Eastern Neighbourhood.

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