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Donor and diplomatic community calls for continued assistance to those affected by the conflict in eastern part of Ukraine

December 6, 2017

On 4 December, donor agencies and embassies of several EU countries issued a Joint Statement in which they reiterated their support for continued assistance to the conflict-affected eastern part of Ukraine and conflict-affected population.

“According to the Humanitarian Country Team led by the United Nations, in 2018, humanitarian needs will continue to be significant, and will likely rise in severity and complexity,” the Statement said.

“Having fallen into poverty, many conflict-affected people, especially those within the 5km range on both sides of the contact line who also live under active daily shelling, continue to depend on humanitarian aid while suffering from the disruption of access to life-essential and social services.”

The donor and diplomatic community called for full access for humanitarian organisations to provide emergency assistance in the non-government controlled areas, considering that the needs are greatest in these locations: “We acknowledge that cumbersome verification procedures for registration of internally displaced persons (IDP) and the ban on transportation of commercial cargo across the contact line further exacerbate humanitarian needs on both sides of the contact line.”

The complete text of the Joint Statement can be accessed here.

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