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Azerbaijan: EU-supported workshop on best practices in maritime accident investigation

June 7, 2019

On 3–4 June, 16 representatives of the State Maritime Administration of Azerbaijan took part in a workshop on best practices in accident investigation.

The workshop focused on the international and EU legislative framework in the field of marine casualty investigation and on the sharing of national experiences for conducting such investigations. It was organised by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) under the EU-funded Black and Caspian Sea Project (BCSEA).

EMSA staff and high-level experts from the Accident Investigation Bodies (AIB) of France (BEA-Mer), Greece (HBMCI) and Malta (MSIU) teamed up to present the key principles governing safety investigation, to offer an overview of their national setups and to introduce practices supporting effective cooperation with other interested countries (EU Member States and third countries) and national authorities.

The BCSEA project aims to improve maritime safety and security and prevent marine pollution in the region. It does so by supporting the efforts of coastal states to implement relevant international legislation, align their regulatory frameworks with EU legislation and improve the performance of their maritime activities. The project covers Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Moldova, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

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