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Armenia: EU helps implement pilot spatial master plan in Yenokavan Municipality

January 8, 2019

The EU is providing technical assistance and expertise to the elaboration of a spatial master plan for the Yenokavan Municipality in Tavush marz, Armenia.

With the recent rapid development of tourism in the region, there are increasing risks of mismanaging and damaging the territory. Therefore, a good spatial plan will provide the right conditions for proper functional and infrastructural development for tourism and for keeping the environment sustainable.

The Yenokavan Master Plan, which has been approached in an innovative way, combines deep, multi-layered levels of information under the spatial plan and its sub-plans. It is expected that the solutions devised in Yenokavan will later be used in other locations in Armenia that demonstrate high touristic and environmental value.

This a pilot approach undertaken in close partnership between Yenokavan’s local stakeholders, national authorities and the EU.

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