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May 14, 2018

The EU Delegation to Ukraine has announced the launch of a special section on EU-Ukraine cooperation on the Ukrainian “МЕТА.ua” web portal. Its aim is to inform Ukrainians about current EU support programmes, grants and opportunities that the EU provides to civil society organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises and other EU partners in Ukraine.

The project has been developed within the framework of the “Moving Forward Together” national communication campaign. The “EU–Ukraine” special section at МЕТА.ua features success stories from Ukrainians who have already benefited from the EU's assistance.

In each section, the latest news will be published on a daily basis. Separately, sections on grants and announcements make sure that Ukrainians are always aware of the many new  opportunities for training, business development, participation in events, grants and competitions supported by the EU. Announcements will be updated every Monday.

The European Union’s support to Ukraine is aimed at creating a stronger economy, stronger governance and stronger society. A separate area of support relates to conflict response in the east. More than 50 projects implemented by the EU in eastern Ukraine help to restore schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, bridges and roads, demine territories, provide humanitarian assistance and grants for the development of businesses for internally displaced persons, and much more.

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