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Fundraising tool for Belarusian civil society organisations to be developed with EU support

August 10, 2018

The Belarusian team that proposed an innovative fundraising tool for the country’s civil society organisations has won the 2018 Civil Society Digitalisation Award. The announcement was made on 6 August by the EU-funded Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility (EaP CSF) project, which ran the contest.

The winner participated in the second EaP Civil Society Hackathon in early June, where it presented the idea for the ‘Doika Donation Module’ tool. The Belarusian team will use the award to further develop, test and launch the online application.

According to the EaP CSF, civil society organisations in Belarus face a permanent shortage of funding that threatens their sustainable development. Many organisations have struggled to raise funds online, as there has until now been no one-click-payment solution available in the country.

Now, with this award-winning tool, civil society organisations in Belarus will have a new application at their disposal to help them tackle the existing challenges.

The EaP CSF is an EU-funded project working with the six EaP countries to promote the role of civil society actors, by supporting innovations based on an e-learning approach, developing digital solutions to improve the public sector’s transparency and accountability, and strengthening cooperation and networking among civil society and governments throughout the region.

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