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Faces of Projects exhibition arrives to the southernmost point of its Belarus route

August 9, 2018

On 6 August, the trucks transporting the “Faces of the Projects” mobile photo exhibition left the Belarusian city of Mscislaŭ and crossed over into the Homieĺ region. They then continued to the town of Žytkavičy – the southernmost point of the Belarus route of the photo exhibition, which focuses on projects implemented in the country with the EU’s support.

Žytkavičy is located in the very centre of the Belarusian Paliessie region, with about 16,000 residents and the towns of Stolin, Luniniec and Turaŭ nearby.

Run by the EU Delegation to Belarus, the exhibition portrays success stories from 58 EU-funded projects in the country.

“This exhibition offers many examples of Belarusians who have brought their important ideas to concrete results. I hope, the exhibition will inspire everyone to present new projects,” said Tatsiana Aliakseyeva, Press and Information Officer at the EU Delegation to Belarus.

The photo collection was designed to demonstrate, through the success stories of concrete people, how these projects have changed people's lives for the better. Infographics that accompany the photos help represent the funding mechanisms and key attributes of each project. The exhibition’s photographer is the well-known artist Yulia Matskevich.

The exhibition will remain in Žytkavičy until 19 August, before moving on to the town of Biaroza. The mobile photo exhibition began its fourth iteration in Minsk in early June, and has already passed through Valožyn, Braslaŭ, Navapolack and Mscislaŭ.

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