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EU-supported study identifies main trends in regional labour markets throughout Georgia

May 16, 2018

This week, Georgia’s Employment Support Services presented the results of their EU-supported report on vacancy monitoring in regional labour markets. The study identified the main trends in regional labour markets throughout the country.

In particular, it confirmed that the demand in the Georgian job market is for positions that require low to medium levels of qualification. It also showed that approximately 58% of all vacancies require basic education and 25% require vocational education.

The study, supported through the EU-funded “EUVEGE” project, has also shown that difficulties in finding jobs in most cases derive from candidates lacking the appropriate training and qualifications. In other cases, certain skills that are in demand are non-existent in the region.

Launched in November 2017, the study will be conducted by the Georgian Employment Support Services on a regular basis from now on. This was the first attempt to introduce vacancy monitoring in the multiple units of the Social Service Agency. The approach suggests that the agency employees establish regular contact with employers and collect information regarding their past, current and future vacancies.

The EU’s technical assistance project “EUVEGE” aims to support the people of Georgia in poverty reduction and social cohesion. The project provides technical assistance to ministries of Labour, Health and Social Affairs and of Education and Science of Georgia and supports them in skills development, management and monitoring of policies, evaluation of reform activities and human resources management.

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