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EU-funded project helps Ukraine to improve control and risk management to prevent accidents involving dangerous substances

June 13, 2018

Ukraine’s challenges in modernising its chemical regulatory system to meet international standards were discussed during a workshop on 12 and 13 June in the country’s capital of Kyiv, as part of an EU-funded project.

More than 90 representatives of Ukrainian government and industry learned from their counterparts from the European Commission (EC), France, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom, who shared their experiences to help Ukraine match its regulations to the European Seveso III directive concerning emergency prevention and industrial safety, as well as other international best practices.

“Ukraine has a large number of enterprises using hazardous chemicals and this creates a high risk of accidents,” said Oleh Melchutskyi, First Deputy Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. “There are 675 locations where over 240 tons of such chemicals are stored or used for production.”

The workshop also featured a presentation of the software tools developed by the Joint Research Centre of the EC.

Organised by the office of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s (OSCE) Project Coordinator in Ukraine, the workshop is part of a major OSCE programme to improve Ukrainian chemical safety and security, which includes other regulatory reform, border control and identification of hazardous substances.

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