EaPTC Moldova – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

Joint Opportunities in Business for Youth (JOBs for Youth)

Title of the actionJoint Opportunities in Business for Youth (JOBs for Youth)
Location(s) of the action

Republic of Moldova

Odesa region, Ukraine

Total duration18 (eighteen) months
EU financing
Name of the applicantOrganization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development (ODIMM)

Youth public organisation “New European Generation”, Ukraine

Applicant’s contact details

Address, telephone, fax,
48, Serghei Lazo St., office 313, MD-2004, Chisinau municipality, Republic of Moldova
Tel.: +373 22 29 57 41
Fax: +373 22 29 57 97
E-mail: office@odimm.md                                                                                                                                                                            

Summary of the action 

Objectives of the action

Overall objective of the project is to expand the process of the cross-border cooperation between Republic of Moldova and Ukraine by supporting young people to initiate innovative business activities with strong social and economic cross-border impact. 

Specific objectives:

  • To harmonise the theoretical knowledge of the young people with practical skills to meet economic and innovative necessities in cross-border area;
  • To increase the access of young entrepreneurs from cross-border area to new international financing opportunities;
  • To create new job opportunities and self-employment prospects.
Main activities

  • Conducting cross-border capacity building trainings and organising know-how exchange activities; 
  • Strengthening the capacities in small and medium-sized enterprises development, and internationalising existing Business Support Consultants in both countries;
  • Organising trainings in Moldova and Ukraine, and identifying/developing new partnerships links;
  • Developing an e-business platform for on-line consultation and business plan elaboration;
  • Organising a business plan competition;
  • Conducting Pitch trainings;
  • Participating in local and global Seed Forums;
  • Developing and disseminating project's promotional and information materials;
  • Promoting the project on the e-business platform and on the partner web-pages;
  • Indentidying and promoting success stories.


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