EaPTC Moldova – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

Joint Cycling for Active Youth Without Borders

Title of the actionJoint Cycling for Active Youth Without Borders
Location(s) of the action

Republic of Moldova

Odesa region, Ukraine

Total duration12 (twelve) months
Total cost146850 EUR
EU financing132165 EUR
Name of the applicantNon-government Youth Organization Association “We Plus”

Association for Applied Social Studies “ASSTREIA”, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Applicant’s contact details

Address, telephone, fax,
3, Pirogovskaya Str., office 83, 65044, Odessa, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 (093) 647 62 90
Fax: +38 (048) 728 60 68
E-mail: oleg.kovalchuck@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                              

Summary of the action 

Objectives of the action

Overall objective of the project is to ensure the joint formation of the culture of an active and a healthy lifestyle by strengthening cross-border links between youth, in particular, through the introduction, education and promotion of cycling and cross-border cycle touring; to popularise an active and healthy lifestyle with sports and without language, culture or border barriers.                                                         

Specific objectives:

  • To strengthen cross-border contacts between representatives of active youth, youth communities and organisations by creating cross-border network;
  • To promote active and healthy lifestyles by raising awareness about benefits of cycling;
  • To create a positive image of border regions of Ukraine and Republic of Moldova by increasing awareness about cross-border cycling travel opportunities;
  • To promote common sports events and meetings as means of bringing youth from the border regions together.
Main activities

Enhancing cooperation between Non-Government Youth Organizations and young people in order to raise awareness about travel opportunities that cycling brings and demonstrating the benefits and impact of an active lifestyle, in particular, by:

  • Managing special advertising campaign (video reels on TV, banners, promotion on radio, etc);
  • Conducting workshops in order to enhance the cycling experience for young people;
  • Creating a single portal (sport social network) for active youth from Ukraine and Republic of Moldova to highlight sport events, provide information on cycling possibilities and places of bicycle rent;
  • Organising cycle tours activities to promote cycling, cycle touring and a healthy lifestyle; 
  • Developing Odessa-Chisinau cross-border cycle route, assembling the equipment for bikes (bicycle parking constructions);                                             
  • Promoting and enabling best EU practices.


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