EaPTC Belarus – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

From small/local museum forms to broad cross-border cultural cooperation

Total duration 18 months
Location(s) of the actionLubech, Republic of Belarus; Chernihiv, Ukraine
EU financing
Name of the applicantGomel region primary organization of public organisation Green Cross Belarus

Chernihiv National T.G. Shevchenko Pedagogical University

Historical museum of archaeology "Ancient Lubech"

Contact personVladimir Shevtsov

Contact details





Summary of the action

Overall objective

To create BY-UA cross-border museum cluster in order to preserve and use cultural and historical heritage of neighbouring folks as well as to develop cooperation in the sphere of culture

Specific objectives

  • To unite local BY-UA museums and cultural institutions through communication and joint activities
  • To build the capacity of BY-UA local museums through new forms of work and exchange of experience
  • To attract wider near-border population to a cross-border cultural dialogue, to increase their interest to the culture and the history of the region as well as to conserve cultural and historic heritage

Target group(s)


Main activities

  • Preparing and conducting round-table discussions for representatives of museums, cultural and educational institutions, tour operators
  • Development of activities of the public cross-border museum coordination group of >5 people
  • Preparing and holding an international forum entitled “Local museums: new forms and innovations” with trainings and master classes, publishing materials
  • Preparing and holding an international conference entitled “To preserve and to continue” on cultural and historic heritage of the region”, publishing materials
  • Preparing and holding an international plain-air on significant cultural and historic places of the cross-border region
  • Development of a general cross-border museum tour
  • Preparing and conducting workshops for museum workers
  • Development and conducting new thematic exhibitions, excursions with interactive accompaniment
  • Visualization: a cross-border guidance book, a promotional video, a leaflet, an advertisement banner
  • Preparing and conducting mobile exhibitions on the results of the plain-air using advertisement products of the tour
  • Preparing and conducting an acquaintance tour across a cross-border route for 25 representatives of the education sphere
  • Preparing and holding a round-table discussion for 15 customs workers, border guards and representatives of authorities with an excursion on a part of the route
  • Preparing and holding the media tour for 20 tour operators and journalists on the museum route
  • Creating Internet platforms, presentations of museums, a route, developed materials, news subscription

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