EaPTC Belarus – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

Development of traditional crafts as a driver for SME and self-employment enhancement in the near-border communities

Duration of the project

18 months

Location(s) of the action


EU financing


Name of the applicant

Public Organisation "Ukrainian Centre of Intellectual Development" (Kyiv oblast)


Department of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs of Rogachev Regional Executive Committee

governmental body

Contact person

Mykyta Shabanov





+38 066 008 96 66


Summary of the action

Overall objective

  • Raise the standard of living in the local communities
  • Preserve the common historical and cultural heritage in near-border regions

Specific objectives

  • To enhance cooperation between the near-border regions through joint business and cultural initiatives in the field of folk crafts
  • To increase the level of employment and self-employment in local communities (especially among the youth and disabled people) through the development of traditional folk crafts
  • To establish efficient business channels for local folk handicrafts to new markets (primarily, the EU market)

Main activities

  • Project team meetings
  • Awareness campaign
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Development of educational materials, video-courses, remote educational programmes
  • Creation of resource centers – manufacture hubs
  • Provision of actual business-services for the SMEs
  • Regional exhibitions; international ethnic festival
  • Experience exchange; involvement of experts from the EU
  • Promotion of on-line sales sites;
  • Monitoring and independent assessment of the project results
  • Financial audit. Development of information and awareness materials on the topic of water resources)
  • Overall administration and project management (overall project management; visibility, communication and networking; kick-off meeting of the project partners; reporting to the EU)

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