EaPTC Belarus – Ukraine Awarded Grant Projects

By learning the culture of the neighbouring nation - towards sustainable partnership and mutual understanding

Total duration18 months
Location(s) of the actionVolyn and Brest regions
EU financing
Name of the applicantZalisy Village Council
PartnersDivin Village Executive Committee
Contact personOleh Scherba

Contact details




+38 097 52-80-12


Summary of the action

Overall objectiveTo contribute to the sustainable economic, social and cultural development of communities in the Ukrainian – Belarus border area
Specific objectives
  • To improve mutual acquaintance with cultural heritage of Ukraine and Belarus among residents of the border area
  • To promote culture and national traditions of Ukraine and Belarus
  • To favour people-to-people contacts by means of joint arranging and holding of cultural events
  • To involve young people to establishing cultural dialogue and civilized relations built on tolerance and recognition of different cultural systems equivalence
  • To facilitate the dissemination of information on the cultural heritage of the two regions and cross-border cooperation in the field of culture
Target group(s)
Main activities
  • Study tours, conferences, learning and exchange of experience
  • Exchanges of amateur artists
  • Folklore and ethnographic festivals
  • Students’ artistic performances, integration youth camp
  • Development, design and printing of a publication

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